Friday, February 3, 2012

Rescue M.E.

Sheila Richards Gordon posted in Promote River Valley Maine.
Laurie Dogluvermaine...
Sheila Richards Gordon7:21pm Feb 3
Laurie Dogluvermaine
Rescue M.E.
The Rescue M.E. community was started in response to the great number of dogs in Maine that are currently in need of re-homing and assistance. This page was created to provide assistance for Maine families trying to find safe and loving homes for their dogs. It is also a resource for dogs that may be sitting too long in local Maine shelters or rescue groups who need a little extra visibility. Due to the declining economy in Maine - many families are being forced to give up their beloved pets faced with foreclosure, lack of funds, or moves to non-pet friendly housing. Some pets are being abandoned in homes that nobody resides in or being let loose to fend for themselves. For the same reasons - shelters are overcrowded, adoptions are down, rescue groups are receiving more requests for help than they can handle. Many adult and senior dogs that have been loving family members are languishing in shelters bypassed for puppies. No out-of-state rescues/dogs or breeders of any kind are allowed to post on this page. This is strictly an education and outreach effort focused on finding good homes for local dogs in need. This is a resource for homeless dogs that originate in Maine only.

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