River Valley Tourism Association

RiverValleyTourism is an off-shoot from the River Valley Ideaville effort. When we were identifying the needs of the community, it became obvious that one major thing that is lacking is promotion. Our area has many opportunities, but we don't promote them as well as we could. This publication is dedicated to getting the word out.

It all started with a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/RVevents/). Due to the viral nature of Facebook, it was easy to both collect and distribute information. However, not everybody uses Facebook, so we developed Discover River Valley (http://DiscoverRiverValley.org) to reach the larger audience. It uses blogging technology to facilitate the collection of information. posts to our Facebook page are automatically sent for review as articles on this site.

As our Facebook page and blog publication expand, we intend to publish a regular printed version and make it available to the public at strategic locations. A quick read of the front page will provide residents and guests with a list of opportunities and events along with small articles on topics/points of interest. The back side will include a map of the area, and lists of places to eat, dine, and recreate in the valley.

Submissions and suggestions are encouraged.