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49 Franklin - Mystic Theater

49 Franklin - Mystic Theater Local businesses...
Scot Grassette4:27pm Jan 30
49 Franklin - Mystic Theater

Local businesses are invited to support Performing Arts at the Mystic Theater with a "LIVE" advertisement. Your contribution will enhance, and supplement the needs of a local, live theater venue, AND provide quality live advertisement for your business. 100% of all money donated will go towards improving lighting, curtains, sound, costumes, and props. The Mystic Theater will host local performing artists as well as more well known and even national acts such as Mary Dimino's highly acclaimed award winning one woman show
"Scared Skinny" February 25th.

Our Next Pubic Event - with Local Performers
Friday Night Live is modeled after the popular late night sketch comedy Saturday Night Live.We are planning a different guest host, and a different musical guest each series. We will have local, and national news, weather, and commentaries. We are also planning commercial parodies as well as real commercials. That's where you as a local business comes in; When you donate to the Mystic theater, you get commercial time LIVE on Friday Night Live!
$25 will give you a single spot or $40 will give you two spots one for each show
March 2nd and 9th.

Here are some of your options:
The typical ad on TV is 30 to 45 seconds we will allow up to 60 seconds to give your message. Write up a one page ad (on your own, or with our assistance) with specials, notices, announcements - anything you would like to say in your ad. One of our "players" will provide the announcing on the stage.

Or, Give us a logo slide and we will show it during the pre-show time
for the same donation amounts.

Or, If you attend the show as an audience member,
you can do the 60 second commercial yourself in person!

If you are interested please contact us SOON - space is limited!
Thank You!

Scot and Cindy Grassette
49 Franklin - Mystic Theater
49 Franklin Street, Rumford Maine 04276
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